Task - Filming and Editing

Today we did our initial recordings for my intro which were my radio recordings, though they were not as long as I hoped they would be so I will "creatively adapt" my current sound I have. We also recorded some radio "jingles" on xylophone, to put as the background sound of the film. We may add radio frequency to make it sound more convincing. I shall look through them tomorrow and see what I can do. I also need to complete my photographic story board soon as well.

In our double period we filmed a scene for the film. We filmed the section when I am a Mod. This is the scene, fully edited, below. I will being doing the rest of the filming on Wednesday hopefully.

We started the titles for the sequence, Mr. Morrison showed different effects we could use on them; I now have some titles to put on the intro in final which look good on the screen. These are examples of the use of titles on screen.


We completed our titles for the sequence, which included the actors' name. An example is below.

We filmed all the scenes for the film. We stuck quite closely to the script and storyboard, but there were a few minor changes while filming, for timing reasons. Overall, I believe the filming went well, and the footage played out the way I pictured it to be. For the next week or so, I will edit the film.
We put the film clips onto Final Cut and did the basic edit, and put all the clips together.

Added more to my sequence and up to 40 seconds, not fully done editing this section by I know where I want to go from there.
Evie edited our intro sequence a little bit today, she added a split screen effect to a certain part with the help of Mr Morrison, which I thought looked good and gave a stylish effect to this certain part of the sequence.
Today, Evie and I filmed a few scenes to add to the film, which included mastershots and the final scenes. Therefore, we had finished filming as a whole.
Today, I went to my friend Jacob's house and recorded the soundtrack for the film. To do this we researched 60s songs on youtube, and then Jacob, my other friend Calum and I recorded a 2 minute instrumental song, in the style of a 60s recording.
Here is a link to the song: The 60s Project (Heart Full of Soul)


Today I cut down all the establishing shots, to fit in time with the music and so the audience wouldn't get bored. This also shortened our film a little, so we had to lengthen a scene or two to get two minutes.


We added a filter to the film; it was an old film style filter. It made the effect of the sequence look better, and gave a good, authentic look. We did this by choosing two different styles - desaturate and sepia.

Today we did the recording of Evie's line: "Did you get the job?" she did it about five times, we had to get it pitch perfect!


I added titles: the casting, supervisor, music and editing. This gives us the opportunity to credit people that helped us with the project, such as the lovely Dom Lawson (Supervisor) who stuck with us while filming, and Jacob Hilton and Calum Wilson (Music) who made a great piece of music, just for us!


Evie and I recorded a bit of foley and added it to our film, this gave our film background noise, which made it sound more realistic - the type of tone we're going for.
During the lesson we captured our recordings and put them onto video.

We did a bit of polishing for the film, such as lowering the sound a bit and making the editing look cleaner. My next post will be the uploaded film!

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  1. Plenty of annotated screenshots from your FCX screen, annotated.