Task - Survey


Today we began to consider my survey question and how to get people to fill them in, we are going send them to some friends on Facebook to fill in.

 I created my survey with 15 questions. All of them I feel were relevant to the subject concerning the coursework. We sent them out to 15 of my Facebook friends who I believe will all be reliable with for results. We hope it will take maybe 3 to 4 days for all the results to come through so that we can evaluate the results.
Here is my survey:  http://www.slideshare.net/evieanne24/survey-for-film-intro

Today we got all of results back for my survey; we got some very interesting results that gave me an insight into a variety of opinions that will help me further in my study, though it was only 10 responses. The results have helped me come to the conclusion that I shall use my idea for the film still as most people responded positively to the idea of 60s set film: http://www.slideshare.net/evieanne24/results-for-survey-11674811

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