R + P - Music and Sound Research

I also planned what sounds + music should be in the film, this included using the foley technique and having musicians to make a soundtrack for the film.

Here is the link to my sound and music research: http://www.slideshare.net/evieanne24/sound-research-11433861

To make the kind of music involved in film, we looked at 60s inspired songs. We watched the video Top Best Rock Songs of the 60s. One of the songs, at number 25, was Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. We decided to base the riff in our song on the main riff in Pretty Woman. We then added many 60s guitar techniques, which included a 60s inspired solo and a call and response bridge. We then added a drum machine, and found the most 60s sounding drums. The feel we got from the song was a casual 60s sound, which then transcended into a sadder, slower song in the last 10 - 20 seconds. This complemented the title sequence well.You can here the song here:  The 60s Project (Heart Full of Soul)

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