Preliminary Task

I started on my preliminary part of the coursework today, working with Evie and Aakash. We planned out the story, which included the basic plot and storyboarding.

Yesterday, me and my group watered down our ideas for the video and came up with our first 30 seconds of the our clip in which we found a way to include a match shot, shot reverse shot. We came to the conclusion of it being a someone walking to a door, knocking on the door with the package in hand (still a journal) and we see the person the other side open the door. This as far as we got in our ideas though the next 30 seconds will not be too hard if dialogue is included. When I got home I drew up the storyboard for all of the film; this included a 180 Degree Angle and dialogue.


In our lesson today, my group (consisting of myself, Evie and Aakash) filmed all the footage for our preliminary task. This was all according to the storyboard, which included a 180 degree turn and dialogue. Tomorrow we are going to edit and piece the film together.


Yesterday, Evie and I edited the footage of our 'Package' film. We ended up condensing down to a minute's worth of film. We cut between the different shots to show continuity and then we ended up with a good looking short film, using 180 degree rotation and dialogue. We will come back to add sound to the final film some other time.


In our lesson today Evie, Aakash and myself recorded different sounds for our 'Package' film. This included recording ambient sound; the Foley technique. We recorded the sounds of the corridor at school, doors opening and closing and paper being ripped. These sounds all went into our short film to create a sound backdrop.

  Finished Product

In Media today, Evie, Aakash and I tweaked the last few parts of our preliminary film. This included adding more sound in it, using the foley technique. We then published the movie and put it on

The link is here:

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  1. OK. Good text, but no annotated screenshots of your progress. They don't need to be complicated, but this should reflect your planning and research for your main task - you will have to write about this in the evaluation. Graphics needed here.