Evaluation Parts 4 & 5

4 & 5) Who would be your audience How did you attract/address your audience?
This is Hannah Nathan. She is 15 Years and 11 Months old, and lives in Bromley, London. She dresses in a different array of clothes, from dresses and skirts to hoodies and leggings. She enjoys hanging out with friends and watching movies at the cinema. 
She shops at places like H&M, Charity Shops, David & Goliath and New Look. She enjoys watching a variety of films such as Mean Girls, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Submarine and (500) Days of Summer. She discovers these movies through friends or checking them out at the cinema. 
She also enjoys watching TV programmes such as Doctor Who, Merlin, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Don't Tell the Bride and The IT Crowd. The main channels would be BBC 1, ITV, Channel 4 and E4.
Hannah would listen to any type of music, spanning from popular music from the 1960s onwards to contemporary music. She likes to listen to any kind of genre, but her preferences include any kind of Rock, Pop or Indie. She enjoys listening to radio stations such as XFM and Absolute Radio. 
I think our film will appeal to this girl as she likes looking at different societies, and what growing up would be like in them. She also enjoys watching coming-of-age stories such as Harry Potter and Submarine. 'Heart Full of Soul' is essentially a coming-of-age film, with the main character having adjust to different societies. I believe this would interest a girl like Hannah.

I feel that my target audience range from teenagers to young adults. This is because of the coming-of-age theme driven throughout the story of the film, that affects the main character. This way, the main character can be easily identified with by the target audience. Since the Internet is becoming more and more prominent as a way of communication, I feel that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr would be a good way to spread the word to its target audience. We would probably stock the film in shops like HMV, and on internet shopping sites such as Amazon.
Our film will be released to small audiences in the cinemas due to the sepia tone. We may release it in cinemas such as the Odeon. However, our main technological way of releasing would be through DVDs. We will sell the DVDs in shops such as HMV. The film will be released through Picture House Cinemas. I feel the release would appeal to our target audience.

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