Evaluation Part 3


3) What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
 We decided to use the film company Film Four as the company that will produce our film. This is because many of their films that they have produced in the past deal with social conventions - similiar to Heart Full of Soul. They also produce less blockbuster like films, the more independent type - which is the kind of film Heart Full of Soul is too. Therefore, we decided to put the Film4 ident at the beginning of the sequence.

I believe the film should be distributed through a more independent film company, as there would be many Hollywood and mainstream companies that would reject the film because of its sepia look and the theme and tone of the film. We believe an independent company will be able to find a way to distribute our film, and appeal to the right kind of audience. 

We decided that the film should be a 12A, since it follows the character of Curtis; the film delves into the darker parts of Curtis' life which may be unsuitable for younger audiences.
The release will be mainly in the UK, but we will release it in other countries, such as Scandinavia, which usually distributes the style of film that 'Heart Full of Soul' is.

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