Evaluation Part 2


2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In our title sequence, there are many social subcultures, such as the Teddy Boy, the Mod, the Rocker and the hippie. The character of Curtis becomes all four in the title sequence, one after the other.

Teddy Boy - Curtis and Comparison

 Both males seem to have the same kind of ruffled hair; a typical teddy boy look. They both have quite a laid back look about them.

 Mod - Curtis and Comparison
The comparison shows that they are all quite smartly dressed, and have similiar hairstyles.

Rocker - Curtis and Comparison:
 Both males wear leather jackets and appear to have the same laidback look.

Hippie - Curtis and Comparison:
Both are wearing waistcoats, and a shirt underneath. If the character of Curtis had longer hair it may have represented the hippie subculture even better, however I couldn't grow my hair long enough, in time for the film!

The main theme of the title sequence was changing through styles and subcultures in the 60s. We represented the coming-of-age story by showing the progression of time through the different subcultures. I believe we represented the subcultures in the film well.

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